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Flamingos boat trips at Rio Lagartos,Yucatan

              Flamingos boat trips

Rio Lagartos has the

world's largest pink flamingo nesting ground.

The intense colors of the birds create a striking visual effect against the brilliant blues and greens of the estuary waters.

Our Classic Flamingo Boat-tour consists of taking a boat like the one below (usually with a canopy but these folks wanted to sun-bathe) into the mangrove swamp to where the flamingos are flocked.

We also ride up the estuary several kilometers seeing many kinds of wading and water birds and, usually, crocodiles sunbathing along shore. We end up where you can float in water five times saltier than the ocean, and take a "Maya bath," like the folks have at the right.
The classic tour takes about two hours and costs from 900 to 1200 pesos, depending on how far we have to go to see the flamingos. Sometimes they are right across the estuary but other times we have to travel a good distance.
Flamingo trips are important for the town of Río Lagartos because of the money they bring in. When people see how important the flamingos are to the town's economy, they want to take better care of the area's ecology, and know more about it. At the left a friend and I are rescuing a flamingo entangled in fishing line. I'm biting through the line.

Find us: in the "PERICO MARINERO" Restaurant on the coast line of 10 meters from the lighthouse. is the only place where you can hire our services flamingos, crocodiles, fishing and much more ......

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