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Tour Río Lagartos y Ek Balam

Dias de Servicios: Lunes a Domingo (Inicia Pick Up: 07:30 am.)

Duración: 12 horas

Tour a Río Lagartos y Ek Balam saliendo desde Playa del Carmen,

 Riviera Maya,

Puerto Morelos y Cancún

El Tour Río Lagartos y Ek Balam Incluye:

  • Pick Up en su Hotel.

  • Transporte en Van con Aire Acondicionado.

  • Recorrido de 2 horas en Lancha

  •  para 4 a 6 pasajeros en Río Lagartos.

  • Durante el recorrido se podrá admirar Flamingos, 

  • Aguilas Pescadoras, Cocodrilos, etc., etc.

  • Visita al Banco de Sal.

  • Comida.

  • Bebidas.

  • Entrada a la Zona Arqueológica de Ek Balam, Guía Bilingue

  •  por 45 minutos.

  • Regreso a su Hotel.





contacto: Elmer Canul
offic: 01 98686 20403
cell: 52 9868667318

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Welcome to Rio Lagartos

            Welcome to Rio Lagartos
My name is Elmer Canul. I  invite you to my beautiful, peaceful little hometown, the town where I was born and have always lived, Río Lagartos, Yucatán, México. 
At age 18 I became a fisherman, doing all kinds of fishing, including diving. That's pretty normal for here, because Río Lagartos is a fishing village. However, after fishing for eight years I decided I wanted to work with visitors, showing off our local natural wonders.


We offer different tours in the biosphere reserve Ria Lagartos contact us and give more information to make your visit more enjoyable.....     elmer_flamingos@hotmail.com

                           RIO LAGARTOS,YUCATAN,MEXICO

Though officially established during the Maya Caste War, Rio Lagartos has a much more ancient history, important as a stopping point along the Maya Gulf trade route, it was a favorite location to rest and eat. 

Today the town is a small fishing village with a tranquil atmosphere and a community centered around sustaining its unique traditions while still inviting visitors to enjoy the natural wonders nearby. 

You will find lodging, many excellent eating establishments and at least one store on every street to provide your day to day needs. The thriving capital of Mérida is less than a two hour drive to the east, Tizimin a 30 minute drive to the south. Chichén Itzá and many other ruins are located within a two hour drive.


To Find us.... when entering Rio Lagartos, continue on 10 th (the main Road) Look for the clok tower on the town, Hall at the town square. Turn lefl at Fannys Tienda (yuo will pass the Tabasco Rio Hotel)

and continue to the waterfront, tour to the right we are 10 meters post the lighthouse at the "PERICO MARINERO RESTAURANT" on the waterfront............


Flamingos boat trips at Rio Lagartos,Yucatan

              Flamingos boat trips

Rio Lagartos has the

world's largest pink flamingo nesting ground.

The intense colors of the birds create a striking visual effect against the brilliant blues and greens of the estuary waters.

Our Classic Flamingo Boat-tour consists of taking a boat like the one below (usually with a canopy but these folks wanted to sun-bathe) into the mangrove swamp to where the flamingos are flocked.

We also ride up the estuary several kilometers seeing many kinds of wading and water birds and, usually, crocodiles sunbathing along shore. We end up where you can float in water five times saltier than the ocean, and take a "Maya bath," like the folks have at the right.
The classic tour takes about two hours and costs from 900 to 1200 pesos, depending on how far we have to go to see the flamingos. Sometimes they are right across the estuary but other times we have to travel a good distance.
Flamingo trips are important for the town of Río Lagartos because of the money they bring in. When people see how important the flamingos are to the town's economy, they want to take better care of the area's ecology, and know more about it. At the left a friend and I are rescuing a flamingo entangled in fishing line. I'm biting through the line.

Find us: in the "PERICO MARINERO" Restaurant on the coast line of 10 meters from the lighthouse. is the only place where you can hire our services flamingos, crocodiles, fishing and much more ......

Cell: 9868667318
office: 01 986 862 0403






Birding Trips at Rio Lagartos

                     Birding trips
Here in the state of Yucatán we have 432 of the 540 bird species registered for the entire Yucatan peninsula. Just in Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve more Than 388 different bird species have been recorded.

The best way to enjoy your birding and natural history experience is to be accompanied by a local guide who has been trained to identify birds with their English names. 

This permits you to visit places you never would have found on your own, as well as to better understand local costums, beliefs and practices.

We can also take you to other good birding spots. In Quintana Roo to our east we can go to Cozumel and Felipe Carrillo Puerto (Sian Ka'an). In Campeche we go to Calakmul. Here in Yucatan we can visit Chichén Itzá, Río Lagartos, Celestún, etc.

Yucatan Wren,Yucatan Bobwhite
Mexican Sheartail,Carnivet's emerald,
Ruby-throated Hummingbird,
Golden-fronted Woodpecker,
Grove-billed Ani,Tropical kingbird,
Tropical Mockingbird,Brown-crested Flycatcher,Turquoise-browed Motmot,Vermilion Flycatcher,
Mangrove Vireo,Rose-throated Becard,
Plain Chachalaca,,
Mangrove Cuckoo,White-lored Gnatcatcher and many more...........

By Boat

Mexican Bare-throated Tiger-heron,
Roseate Spoonbill,Woodstork,
Blue-winged Teal,Boat-billed heron,
Snowy and Great Egrets,Reddish Egrets,
White Ibis,Tri-colored and Little Blue Herons,Pygmy KingFisher
Brown and White Pelicans,
Magnificent Frigatebird,

Anhinga, Double Breasted Cormorant,Royal and Sandwich Terns,Herring,Ring-billed and Laughing Gulls,Green Heron.

I hope you will let me guide you around. My guiding fee, with someone else driving, is $140US/day. If I drive it's $200US/day. 
This price includes night birding if you're interested.

For more detail and information talk to me or send email: elmer_flamingos@hotmail.com
Cel: 9868667318