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Flamingos Boat Tours


Rio Lagartos has the world's largest pink flamingo nesting ground.

The intense colors of the birds create a striking visual effect against the brilliant blues and greens of the estuary waters.

Our Classic Flamingo Boat-tour consists of taking a boat like the one below (usually with a canopy but these folks wanted to sun-bathe) into the mangrove swamp to where the flamingos are flocked.

We also ride up the estuary several kilometers seeing many kinds of wading and water birds and, usually, crocodiles sunbathing along shore. We end up where you can float in water five times saltier than the ocean, and take a "Maya bath," like the folks have at the right.

The classic tour takes about two hours and costs from 90 to 120 USD, depending on how far we have to go to see the flamingos. Sometimes they are right across the estuary but other times we have to travel a good distance.

Flamingo trips are important for the town of Río Lagartos because of the money they bring in. When people see how important the flamingos are to the town's economy, they want to take better care of the area's ecology, and know more about it. At the left a friend and I are rescuing a flamingo entangled in fishing line. I'm biting through the line..................................................... 

For more detail and information talk to me or send Email: elmer_flamingos@hotmail.com or Cell: 98 6866 7318

Find us: in the "PERICO MARINERO" Restaurant on the coast line of 10 meters from the lighthouse. is the only place where you can hire our services flamingos, crocodiles, fishing and much more ......



The waterfront in Rio Lagartos.
(10 meters from the lighthouse).
The well maintained launches are captained by experienced bird guides who will take you on a memorable boat ride to the feeding grounds of the flamingos(40km total).
43,000 Flamingos have been recorded in the Yucatan, the majority of which nest and feed in the Rio Lagartos area.

Along the way, your guides will point out and identify many of the species that live and visit the area such as:

Great Blue Heron,
Tiger heron,
Snowy Egrets,
Roseate Spoonbills,
Anhingas, Frigates
Common Black Hawks,
Osprey, Woodstorks,
Kingfishers and White Ibis.

A total of 388 species
 have been
counted in  Rio Lagartos.
Crocodiles are normally spotted each trip.

The return trip includes a stop at the salinera
(salt ponds) in
 Los Coloradas,
followed by a¨Baño Maya¨with white clay mud and the choice of a swim at a nearby beach or in a fresh water spring.

Contacto: Elmer Canul

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  1. The flamingos are really beautiful. I've never seen one in person and hopefully I will be able to go here after our corryvreckan whirlpool trip. The whole family will surely love the scenery here and of course, the flamingos in their natural habitat.

    1. hello!Michelle... We are a cooperative of local guides in Rio Lagartos, Mexico
      the day we visit we will gladly show you the beautiful flamingos we have in my small town

      Greetings! Elmer Canul